How to Turn On and off Sleep Mode in Windows 11

In this article, we will discuss How to Turn On and off Sleep Mode in Windows 11. The advantage of rest mode on your Windows 11 PC is that it allows you fleetly to get from the rearmost applicable point of interest. In any case, in the event that you are in a major download, you ought to try not to go into rest mode on your PC. likewise, a many guests like to return to a screen that’s now on and not need to subscribe in formerlymore.However, continue to read to perceive how you put your PC into rest mode and how to keep it from dozing, If it’s not too important trouble. You will see the choices just to make it lights out time for it inescapably or keep it conscious endlessly.

Windows 11 has a choice that accordingly sends the contrivance into rest mode after a period of quiescence to guard energy and expand battery duration on PCs, and in this assistant, you’ll get familiar with the moves toward redo the element.

The power choice incorporates two settings, one to place the contrivance into a low- power state( rest) that closes down the frame still keeps the substance running in memory, and one further choice to switch off the screen while keeping the PC running behind the scenes.

What’s sleep mode and how does it work?

Indeed, the rest mode, as the name recommends, naturally sends your contrivance into rest mode after some season of quiescence. This helpers in guarding the battery and likewise expands the battery duration of your PC.

Generally, when you use a new Windows 11 PC, you’ll find the rest mode choice empowered. This, obviously, is finished to meet the points substantiated preliminarily.

nevertheless, assuming that you wish to keep the screen on and keep your PC from falling asleep, also, at that point, you ought to know how you can switch off rest mode in Windows 11.

The Windows settings not just allowed you to cripple the rest mode on your PC, still it likewise allows you to change the ideal occasion for the screen and rest. You’ll get familiar with the colorful ways of switching off rest mode in Windows 11 underneath.

How to turn on Windows 11 Into Sleep Mode

You can place your Windows 11 PC into rest mode in different ways. One way is to right- tap the Windows Start menu and put the cursor on the Shut Down or subscribe Out choice. At the point when the side menu shows up, click on the Rest choice.

You can likewise tap on the Windows Start Menu choice and the power button. The power button will show you different choices, and rest will be one of them.

Settings for Windows 11 Computer to Sleep Using

Another choice you can use to place your PC into rest mode is Settings. Press the Windows I keys, and formerly in Settings, go to

  • Framework
  • Power and Battery
  • Screen and rest

At the point when the choices show up, you will see a dropdown menu for choices, for illustration,

  • On battery power, switch off my screen latterly
  • When connected, switch off my screen latterly
  • On battery power, put my contrivance to bed latterly
  • At the point when connected, put my contrivance to bed latterly

Since we are allowing about putting or not your PC to rest, the last two choices are the bones needed. In the dropdown menu, you can pick choices from just one moment to as important as noway . therefore, you can use this choice to place your PC into rest mode and keep it from dozing. You can return whenever and change the choices formerly more.

In the event that you like press composites, all the while press the Ctrl Alt Abolish buttons. Click on the power button at the base right and pick rest. You can likewise press the power button on your PC for a couple of moments, making it lights out time for it. Be aware so as not to squeeze it for a really long time; you could switch your PC off.

How to turn off Windows 11 Computer from Sleeping

In the once member, you perceived how to place your Windows 11 PC into rest mode. You can cleave to the specific directions, still pick the Never choices in Settings when you are in Power and Battery.

  • Settings
  • Framework
  • Power and Battery

Decide noway for the upkeep going two choices( On battery power, put my contrivance to bed, and When connected, put my contrivance to bed latterly).

You can likewise keep your PC from dozing by exercising Microsoft PowerToys. When you introduce it, click the Conscious choice on the left wing and switch on the choice. Under the Conduct choices, you will see a Mode choice. Click on the dropdown menu and pick the choice to keep conscious endlessly. You will likewise have to flip on the choice for Keep screen on. It’s as simple as that.


Making it lights out time for your PC has benefits, yet a many guests generally need to get back to a screen that’s constantly on. All effects considered, the means substantiated in this companion will help you with that. You won’t need to subscribe in the future and right down take up where you left out. Which strategy is stylish for you? Tell me in the reflections under, and make sure to conduct the composition to others via web- grounded entertainment.

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