Top 5 Smartphone Company: Which Smartphone company are best?

Using a smartphone is a common activity in our everyday life. So, We always find the best smartphone company that provides advanced features. We are using the Smartphone for our daily entertainment, various work, playing games, and different types of company and task management. Usually, we find a better smartphone for hard work, better photos or video quality, and a better processor. In this article, we will discuss with you the top 5 best Smartphone company of the smartphone. There will be better gaming performance, better photo or video quality, a better processor, and have 120Hz refresh rate.

Which Smartphone company are best?

Various Smartphone Companies are available in mobile shops. Almost every company tries to make a better device according to people’s needs. According to Doofinder statistics, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme, and Vivo are the most popular mobile phone companies. But every company has some flaws in one way or another. We selected the top 5 company which have better devices according to people’s needs.

Top 5 Smartphone Company Name

  • Apple
  • Samsung 
  • Pixel
  • OnePlus
  • Realme

1. Apple

Apple is one of the best company in the world. We will choose apple to top 1 under the top 5 Smartphone company. Apple company have all things according to peoples needs. Like, every iPhone have best image quality, best video quality, best gaming processor.

Battery backup almost better but when you using Apple, then after 1 year later you can see that battery performance will down day by day. After 1 year long if you use same device then you must use the power bank for your device battery charge backup. The interesting things of that you can use the iPhone under the water. Because Apple have waterproof security system. Apple device are very expensive. If you want apple you need to big amount.

2. Samsung

Samsung are very common Smartphone company. They have better device collection. Samsung device are available in low and expensive budget. Expensive budget device’s have better performance, better quality, and fast working. Lowest budgets phone have not good quality but also have good performance. If you want expensive device you can use it smoothly but if you want low device you can’t use it smoothly. You can face many problem of low budgets device’s. For the expensive device’s we will choose Samsung to top 2 under the top 5 smartphone Company.

3. Pixel

Pixel are most rare company. Everyone don’t know about this device’s performance. Pixel company are made by google. We will choose the rank of pixel top 3 under the top 5 Smartphone company. Pixel have many good side like better performance, better quality, waterproof, best performance of gaming side, best camera performance and easily handle hard work. Pixel company don’t have low budget device. Here the all device are very expensive. Although Pixel device backside are looking bad but that device are perfect to all side according to peoples needs. If you want pixel you need to expensive budget.

4. OnePlus

OnePlus are very simple company but the device’s of OnePlus most attractive. They have to all benefit’s which are people want. We choice for rated to top 4 under the top 5 Smartphone company. Because they have batter device but device processor aren’t good. You don’t use this device for hard work. When you use that for hard work then you see the green effect on the screen. Only one of the bad side of OnePlus are green effect. You can’t hard work or hard pressure on this device’s. OnePlus company have expensive or low budget phone. If you want this device’s you can find on your nearby mobile shop. This device’s are available in all smartphone market.

5. Realme

Realme are most popular company. Everyone knows about this phones. Realme don’t have expensive budget. They have only mid range budget and low budget. We choice for rated this phone to top 5 under the top 5 smartphone company. Because realme have all good side but you can’t use it long time. You can use it for hard work but after 1\2 years later you don’t use that for hard work. You don’t creat a pressure for hard work. Because this phone anytime power may turn off. This company device’s are best for using short time. 


This was our opinion about the smartphone companies available around us. Every company tries to bring out the best features of their mobile phones, some succeed in making a great impact on its users. Imaginatively we perfection our best smartphone companies exploration of the present situation and future probability.

FAQ: Top 5 Smartphone Company

Q. What are the top 5 smartphone companies in the world?

A. Apple, Samsung, Pixel, OnePlus, Realme are the top 5 best smartphone in the world.

Q. Which companies have gained more popularity in the world?

A. Apple and Samsung are getting more popularity in the world.

Q. What make apple a top smartphone company?

A. Apple are best for it’s features, best performance, using comfortably, and strong companies loyalty.

Q. Why is Samsung a leading Smartphone company?

A. Samsung have advance technology, high-end model, best display and also budget-friendly leads with a wide range of smartphone.

Q. How has Pixel become a top Smartphone company?

A. Pixel always offers affordable smartphones with their good performance, high-end features and focus on camera.

Q. What Makes OnePlus a top smartphone company?

A. OnePlus always focus on their Processor, smoothness, camera performance, also focus on their all features.

Q. Which smartphone company has the best company?

A. Samsung, Pixel, Apple are the best smartphone cameras, OnePlus also giving us the best camera performance.

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