How To Send HD Pictures and Videos On WhatsApp

Maybe you are not satisfied with the quality of the photos you send through WhatsApp as most of the users have a quality camera and take high-resolution pictures but when trying to send via WhatsApp messenger the quality may be reduced. 

However, WhatsApp made some changes on the quality settings and they allow you to choose the file quality while sending pictures via WhatsApp. Yet, users can choose between standard quality and HD quality. The standard resolution is 1280 X 960 and the HD quality is 3264 X 2448. To get more information on how to send HD pictures and videos on WhatsApp, keep reading our article.

Following these Steps You Can Send WhatsApp HD Pictures and Videos

It is always best to use the latest version of any app or software to take advantage of the newest features and tools. Always manually check the upcoming updates of WhatsApp whether you turned on the automatic update on your apps. However, you can check the upcoming updates on Google Play Store > tap on your profile photo. Afterward, you should go to the “Manage Apps” and check the pending updates of WhatsApp.

How To Send HD Pictures On WhatsApp

Once your WhatsApp has been updated, it’s time to choose a contact with whom you want to share your pictures and videos and hit on the paperclip symbol. To send a HD quality picture, you must have a HD captured picture on your device. Remember that If your picture isn’t in high definition, the HD option will show as blocked. That means you can’t send this low quality image in high quality. So it’s necessary to have a HD quality picture on your device.

Send High Quality Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

Yet, follow the below instruction to know the next steps:

  1. First of all, tap on the HD option at the top of the screen and select the HD quality option from the appear menu.
  2. A checkbox indicating that the picture you want to share, can be shared in HD quality.
  3. Before clicking on the checkbox, you can run more tasks on the pictures like editing, corping, changing the effects, adding the text, adding stickers and so on.
  4. Once you have done the editing, you may experience the HD option grayed out but the High definition will be present when you send the picture.

How To Send HD Pictures On WhatsApp

To send HD videos on WhatsApp or üeb ühatsapp use the same procedures as you followed to send HD pictures. First of all, select a contract number > Press on paperclip icon> Press the appeared send button.

However, if you are trying to upload a video that you captured using WhatsApp camera, the HD option may be grayed out because the WhatsApp HD option will be visible when you select a HD quality video from your device. On the other hand, the maximum quality of a Video is 720p. That means if you are trying to send a video that is larger than 720p, the selected file would be compressed into 720p.


This is a great option to share your HD file quickly with your friends and family. You can share your HD images and HD videos using WhatsApp HD sending option. But always keep in mind to take pictures or videos using your camera app because some people make mistakes on capturing images and videos as they use WhatsApp camera. If you have more questions regarding this topic, you can leave a comment and share our content using social media.

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