How to Add Notes and Highlight Text in a Book

You can add notes and Highlight Text or entries within the books on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet substantially such as you can in an actual book.

How would I feature sections from Highlight Text?

Drag the sections right down to the lower a part of the page. the hearth will flip to the subsequent page where you’ll keep featuring text.

Tap and hold the principal word within the text you want to feature a note to or feature. It should become chosen and you’ll drag your finger across extra text.

  1. Whenever you’ve got chosen the text, forgoing and a menu should seem where you’ll be able to choose “Note” or “Color”(newer Fire)/”Highlight Text”(older Fire).
  2. Assuming that you just chose “Note“, a window will seem where you’ll be able to type your note. Tap “Save” when you’re done.
    Featured text and notes are often immediately gotten to by tapping the Highlight Text of the screen and selecting the “Notebook” symbol. On more seasoned Kindle Fires, you’ll be able to tap the point of interest of the screen, then, at that time, the “Menu” symbol.

This post applies to Kindle Fire 1 and a pair of furthermore as HD6, HD8, and HD10 variants.


How would I erase notes?

Tap the point of interest of the screen, select the “Scratch pad” symbol on more up up to now sorts of Kindle Fire, or “Menu” on more seasoned variants. From that time, you must have a “Rubbish” symbol you’ll like better to erase notes.